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Security Assessment of Grant Application

Project Description

Our client is a leading government agency in the Middle East and the company aims to promote research in the fields of engineering and technology, medicine, physical and life sciences. Our client has developed an application that manages grants in various research areas and provides a system that is based on workflows in order to enable the researchers to collaborate and work on projects.

Security Objectives of Grant Application

• Follow security guidelines and standards that are defined by the Government.
• Protect the unpublished research papers and researchers’ information.

Realized Benefit

Client was able to remediate high and medium priority security issues within a given time frame. Lessons learnt from the security assessment were used by the client by their in-house development team, as a benchmark for security assessment process for all their future projects.

The SecurBay Way

SecurBay conducted an Application Security Assessment, a Security Code Review along with Network and Data Center Security Review to ensure that the Infrastructure Security Vulnerabilities along with the Application Security Vulnerabilities were fixed.
At the end of the exercise, SecurBay provided hands-on application security training to the client’s development team. This helped the developers to understand the need to follow the best practices in security management during the process of software development life cycle, which has also helped to mitigate identified security issues quickly.

What Client Say About us

SecurBay worked closely with our development team to ensure that the security issues found during the security assessment process are remediated and meet the regulatory compliance standards. Our development team has gained the knowledge on principles of security management that need to be followed during all phases of the SDLC process.
Head of IT of a leading government agency in the Middle East



Project Details

  • Client Security Assessment of Grant Application, Middle East
  • Date September 30, 2014
  • Tags Security Assessment

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