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Mobile Security Framework

Project Description

Our client is one of Sri Lanka’s largest providers of Life and General Insurance Solutions and in the process of converting web based applications to mobile based applications. This would help the company in adopting accessibility and mobility to achieve greater customer reach and enhance the productivity levels of its sales team.

The Mobile Applications

The Mobile Applications were developed on Android Platforms and provided to the sales personnel on tablets with following security objectives:

Mobile Apps are secured against well-known attacks
Ensure that customer data is protected at rest, in process and in transit scenarios
Mobile Devices are managed centrally like other end point devices with provision of features like remote wipe and application white listing etc.

Challenges faced by client while adopting Mobility Solutions

Building Security framework for Data, Applications and Mobile Devices
Ensuring security during the development phase of the mobile applications
Time to Market the Mobile Applications

The SecurBay Way

SecurBay developed a Mobile Security Framework which consists of:

Guidelines/requirements for Mobile Application Security
Application Specific Security Requirements
Feature set for Mobile Device Management (MDM) based on the client’s requirements

SecurBay conducted Mobile Application Security Testing, based on the best practices and industry standards Security issues were reported along with steps for mitigating the security risks.

What Client Say About us

SecurBay helped us in building the essential elements of Mobile Security Framework i.e. drafting the guidelines and requirements for a Mobile Application Security application, guidance on selecting a Mobile Device Management (MDM) application based on the required set of features and Security Assessment. We have defined our Mobile Security Roadmap based on the guidance provided by SecurBay
General Manager, IT of one of Sri Lanka’s largest providers of Life and General Insurance Solutions



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